Understanding Depression & Chronic Anxiety

Depression and chronic anxiety disorders are common medical illnesses from which remission or freedom of symptoms is possible.

Depression and chronic anxiety affect thousands of Canadians of all ages and levels of society. In fact 67% of Canadians have suffered from depression or chronic anxiety disorders or know someone that has. Of that group, 36% say they have experienced it themselves. Unfortunately, they are conditions that are misunderstood by most people. They’re also often confused with the occasional periods of being depressed or anxious, which everyone feels at one time or another.

More women are diagnosed with these illnesses than men – the ratio is about 2:1. However, it’s not know whether this is just because women have symptoms that are easier to recognize, or whether women simply seek help more often.

The curious thing about depression and chronic anxiety is that although they are common, they can make you feel very alone. Really, nothing could be further from the truth. The sooner you reach out the sooner you can start on the path to peace of mind.