What it’s not

Depression and chronic anxiety disorders are real medical illnesses that are common. However, they’re also often confused with the occasional periods of being depressed or anxious, which is why it’s important to differentiate between what they are and what they’re not.

What depression and chronic anxiety disorders ARE NOT:

  • the ordinary “blues” we feel from time to time that pass relatively quickly
  • the fleeting worries and stresses of everyday life
  • signs of a personal flaw, weakness, or failure
  • just something you can snap out of, forget about, or will away all on your own
  • rare conditions that affect only one gender, or people from particular walks of life
  • anything to be ashamed of
  • something you have to live with

What depression and chronic anxiety disorders ARE:

  • medical illnesses that have often lasted for many years
  • common – affecting men and women from all walks of life
  • caused by a variety of factors
  • treatable conditions

If you think you may have depression or a chronic anxiety disorder, please remember that talking to a doctor is the first step towards peace of mind.